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Andrew Burt for President!

I have decided to support Andrew Burt for President in an organization to which I do not belong. I can't vote for him, but I can create some campaign posters for my candidate. Here they are.

Feel free to borrow these images for your own purposes!

No, Andrew Burt rules! If I have my way...

I think there should be more sf-themed signs, with friggin' "lasers" and such! Otherwise he won't scare the hard sf folks like me into voting for him. And maybe a big Frank Frazetta style barbarian with a Burt head for the fantasy types...


i need an icon for laughing.

You do. I don't have one for laughing, but I have one for slam-dunking!

They come in handy sometimes.

This is hilarious.


2008-02-19 05:00 pm (UTC)

He has my vote!

I have heard that if you vote for Dr. Burt, you might get one.

Oh, curses! If only my publications would falsely qualify me for membership.

Forget the U-Boat. This is the literary community equivalent of waking up tomorrow morning and discovering that George Romero was directing documentaries after all. If I'd just kept writing, I'd have the opportunity to scream "Choke on 'em!" as my guts were being dragged down the hall and devoured.

Damn. Now I have to start writing so I can join SFWA so I can vote for him. (And you know, I've always wanted to know what the "Dr." is in. Judging by his pure propensity for random destruction, I suspect "journalism".)

I think it's computer science, actually. Did you see that Y2K apocalyptic novel that he bravely self-published? I think somewhere on that godawful page of his, it mentions that he's in computer science. Whatever the hell that means anymore. Probably that he's smart about computers!

No, he probably *was* smart about computers. Back in the 70s, or whenever he got the PhD.

It's all still ones and zeroes. The important bits are making sure the tubes are seated right and that your punch cards are dry.

PhDs are what computer science departments give people like Andrew Burt in order to keep them away from any actual computers.

You mean they didn't just give them a Star Trek uniform and a dead console and tell them to go away? Man, things changed in computer science departments by the time I was old enough to go to school.

This theory also provides an excellent explanation for my company's CTO.

And here I was assuming it was drugs.

I answered on the rss feed. D'oh.

That was my first good laugh of the day. Thank you.


It's too bad I gave up on SFWA... I'd totally start nominating people who aren't members. ;)

*becomz zombie*
*looks again*

I suspected zombification was another side effect of the Dr. Burt campaign. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

You are a genius.

And quite possibly my hero. :)

Best campaign posters EVAR!

About the only thing that could make me less inclined to vote for Dr Burt now would be hearing that he'd chosen Dick Cheney as his running mate.

You should do those as t-shirts. I'd buy one.

I would love to (although it'd probably get me suuuued), but the images I modified are too low resolution for print. Alas!

People will just have to forward them around by email, post them on the blogs, or something :)

FYI: This post has been linked in the sidebar of Making Light.

Yeah! How fine it is to finally see people who finally understand.


Actually, I want these as advertising posters for when my next book comes out.:)

Is your next book about a disastrous run for office that, if won, will result in a complete destruction of the organization?

If so, I want to read it!

You know I'm going to have to yoink these.

Linked to it, too. "Retro" - perfect!

Open mouth, insert foot


2008-02-21 11:14 pm (UTC)

You could probably do some sort of "Open mouth, insert foot" reference with these posters:

Well done! I borrowed one; hope that's all right.

Absolutely. I hope they spread far and wide.

Hello! *waves*

These are awesome posters.

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